somethingtoavenge: genius billionare playboy philantropist shtick either (well aren't you special)
Agent Phil Coulson ([personal profile] somethingtoavenge) wrote2012-07-20 01:17 pm

Debrief #1 || [Written]

[The first thing anyone will notice is that Coulson's handwriting looks disturbingly like printed type which means it is very neat and very very easy to read.]

Greetings to residents of Luceti. My name is Phil Coulson. I have recently arrived here, and was wondering if anyone could answer my questions.

1. What do the wings do?
2. Where is Luceti?
3. Are there places the newly arrived may stay?
4. Where may I procure a sewing kit? Or new Clothes?
5. Anyone know good ways of getting blood out of clothing?
6. Is there anyone here who knows of SHIELD, The Avengers Initiative, or knows me?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

[Yes, that was strangely polite for a New Feather. That's Coulson all over.]

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