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Debrief #2 || [Action/Voice]

[It's a normal day for Coulson. He's gotten used to Luceti (mostly) and has started to build a schedule for himself. Or at least a vague list of things to get done before starting shift at the Item shop.

After morning tasks such as Coffee, shower, breakfast, coffee, clothing, Journal checking and coffee he leaves his apartment. You might see him walking through out Luceti as he does a circuit of the whole village, mostly on the roads, but sometimes going off into the trees. He greets everyone he meets, mostly with a 'Hello' or a 'Good Morning/Day', even if he's never met you before today.

Done with his daily patrol walk through the whole village he heads towards the Plaza, visiting the grocery store for food and coffee. You can see him debating the pros and cons of certain food items in the aisle. After grocery shopping he heads home to drop things off, eating something (maybe), and check his journal.

Today he decides to visit the library. With the lack of tablets and wi-fi, Coulson has to fall back to paper books to read. He browses the shelves looking for something fiction which he can loose himself to for a few hours.

Soon enough he heads to the Item shop, taking he shift after Rogue's. He's gotten used to working there and has made a decent dent on making inventory. That is what he continues to do as he starts his shift, other than helping anyone who comes in looking for something.

Coulson's been thinking about the stash of personal items at the items shop. There is a decent amount of things, some not having been picked up. Looking over everything, Coulson picks up his journal and starts a voice entry.]

Hello Luceti.

This is Phil Coulson. I am working at the item shop right now and was looking over the collection of possibly personal items we have accrued.

I hope to return said items to their owners sooner rather than later. In light of that, if you have an item of personal or sentimental value which you haven't found yet and are interested in knowing if it is here, please come by or give a description. I can tell you if there is anything like that here.

Do keep in mind the inventory is not complete, so I may not have found your item yet. If I find it later I'll let you know.

That's all.

Good day.

((ooc; So, run into Coulson on his daily life. It'll be fun.

You decide if the item your character is inquiring about is there, there but hasn't been inventoried, or not there.))
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[A stranger has greeted Don while he was taking his morning run through the woods. What do.]

[Not wanting to be rude, he slows to a stop and turns back.]


((Death penalty.))
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I'm Donatello.

[And that is about the limit of his conversational fluency right now. Any chance you might leave before discovering that?]
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Phil Coulson? [As in Phil Coulson from SHIELD?]

Uh, you might not know me personally, but I've heard of you. You may have heard of me too... I'm Bruce. Bruce Banner.
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Ah, then no... my world is a little different from Tony's.

But most of the fundamentals are still the same. I'm still an Avenger, and I think our worlds have similar members. Though mine has a few extra ones if I remember correctly...
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Oi, you mean you work for Rogue?

[something about the name coulson is ringing a bell too... hmmm...]
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... so Rogue's your boss now.

[Well. Ain't that a twist. He and 'Marian Stark' have some interesting memories that make this seem downright ironic, former boss man.]
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I'm looking for a silver cross pendant on a chain.

[He then pens an image of it in the journal as a reference.]

Have you seen it?

(OOC: Coulson is welcome to have found it if you want!)