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[Waking up to everything being changed is always... disturbing. Especially if it's what you are wearing and sleeping on.

Phil sits up from where he's now laying on a futon and looks around, mildly perplexed until he remembers the earlier announcement. He cradles his head with a groan then slides out of the futon to see if there is something other than this lightweight sleep robe to wear.

Well. There's a few things.

Phil immediately dismisses the Samurai armor as a possible choice. The next outfit is... oh someone is playing a cosmic joke. It's a set of ninja wear. Phil purses his lips as he stares at them before shaking his head. Growing exasperated and a bit chill in the thin robe he grabs the next outfit and pulls it out. It's a set of Monks robes.

...Certainly better than the other options. Phil changes into the robes which are surprisingly comfortable and heads out to see what exactly has happened.

The Shogunate area is interesting, and it seems the new 'citizens' of the area are respecting the robes. He's not had much trouble.

Perhaps he'll explore some more...]

Day one
[Starting off in Shogunate area, Phil ends up wandering into the Ice Age. Even though his outfit is relatively warm, the cold still sinks into his chest. You may find him walking through the snow and muttering or coughing as his lungs protest the cold air he is now breathing.

Since the Ice age is unpleasant for the man, Phil heads for a different area.

From Cold to heat, the next area he finds if the Nile. The furs from earlier morph into a ancient scribes outfit, meaning his scars are in plain sight. While the heat feel better than the gripping cold of before it's still rather unpleasant. At least it' a dry heat. Trudging through the sand and admiring the pyramids from a distance is how Phil spends his time in the Nile. However he'd like to get back home sooner rather than later. The Ice Age is a no go area so he heads back by another route and another area.

In Gangland Phil finds his clothes have changed close to what he normally wears, minus the suit jacket and plus a waistcoat and a fedora. All in shades of charcoal. While the clothes are a nice change from the earlier areas, the area itself is more dangerous. Still it seems simple enough to avoid antagonizing anything.

Finally he makes it back to the Shogunate and the simple monk robes. The day has been surprisingly draining.]

Days 2-Event End
[Phil kicks back and relaxes in the Shogunate area. He's not adverse to helping anyone who scavenging in the area but is not actively participating in the hunt himself.

You may notice he's coughing a bit, but if you bring it up he waves it off as a light cold from his earlier escapade in the ice age. It sounds plausible...]

((ooc; Run into him wherever on the first day but he's firmly sticking to the Shogunate area for days 2-4))


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