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Agent Phil Coulson ([personal profile] somethingtoavenge) wrote2012-11-08 01:26 pm

Debrief 001 | [Action/Voice] | Déjà vu?

[Coulson wakes up, trees to his left and right and a path right in front of him. A short distance down the path and to the right he can see a house, actually he can see a few houses from where he is. Everything seems familiar.

The sensation of familiarity is disquieting at first, until everything comes back.

Well... that explains a lot.

Coulson looks around and spots his journal, but sadly there are no clothes this time. So he's stuck in the usual new feather garb of white pants. After being in dark suits for most of his life, he's not sure he likes those pants. With the nice new scar on his chest and back, he's not sure he likes the fact he's shirtless. Also, there is a chill in the air which makes being shirtless very uncomfortable.

Using the mountains and the river, both to his left, he manages to orient himself. With this knowledge he heads towards town center to visit the clothing shop and get dressed. You may run into him a he heads to the clothing shop. Feel free to notice the fresh looking scar almost directly over his heart (but not actually) and the bigger one on his back. Coulson may greet you, but mainly he's focusing on getting to the clothing shop. Unless things happen.]

((ooc; Location is over by House 4, just a short distance up the path leading towards the farmlands.))

[After getting clothes and after whatever adventures happen while he was getting clothing, Coulson puts together a first new post to the Luceti community.]

Greetings Luceti.

My name is Phil Coulson. I have been here before a few months back before... leaving and it seems I have returned.

As far as I know I don't have any unfinished business from before, but If I did have some with you please remind me.

I have probably missed a lot, but is there anyone whose willing to give me a brief summary of things I've missed? I'd be grateful.

[Small pause.]

I think that's all... No wait, Rogue, do you still need help at the item shop? Sorry for leaving you in the lurch.

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