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Debrief 003 | Action (Locked)/ Written | Operation Swooning Maiden is Go

[Phil knew he was sick. There really was no getting around it, not with all the coughing he was doing. While he had felt off since he'd come back to Luceti it was during the scavenger event and his unplanned trip to the Ice Age area that he'd really started to notice the coughing. And the shortness of breath.

Some of it he attributed to his recently healed chest wound. After all, no matter how mysteriously well healed it was, it was still a change from his previous state of health. That means it takes getting used to.

As the days passed however he hadn't really been getting better. The coughing had been mild in the beginning, a cough here and there when the cold air tickled his lungs. But lately it had gotten worse, harsh and heavy from deep in his lungs. While trying not to worry anyone he'd been focusing on suppressing the coughs as much as possible, or simply avoiding his friends when he felt the thick feeling building inside his lungs.

Nighttime was the worst though. Coulson had been coughing into his pillows as to not disturb either Clint or Natasha so late, curled up on his bed to ease the pressure and pain in his chest. It was exhausting, leaving him tired and weak the next day, almost listless first thing in the morning.

Phil had been brushing off other's concerns saying it was just a cold, he was only a bit under the weather, yes he was taking medicine he'd be fine. Phil hadn't made it to the clinic yet though, even as the coughing had gotten worse and the nausea started. But when he woke up today, tired, aching, nauseous and the phlegm from his cough tinged with blood, well, he decided to make visiting the clinic his first priority.

Before things got worse.]

[The Action | Locked to Loki]

[After dodging one concerned-but-unsure-what-to-do archer and another too-observational-for-Phil's-comfort assassin Phil heads out to the nearest clinic. Even with three layers of clothing on (thermal undershirt, sweater, jacket) plus thick jeans, scarf and gloves the cold still seeps into Phil's skin and lungs.

Phil follows the lesser traveled paths and shortcuts and he heads to the clinic. They allow him the privacy to stop and cough at irregular intervals, and trees to rest briefly against when the chest pain and weakness get too much.

While usually quite aware of his surroundings the growing nausea, shortness of breath, and pain in his chest means he's a bit distracted at the moment. It is such distraction which does not make him aware of the other person until he bumps into the other man.]

Oh. Sorry I didn't see you... [Phil's hoarse voice trails off as the person who he bumped into finally registers in his brain.


Well, hell.]


[Post-Action Response | Written | Filtered to Clint, Natasha, Pepper, Steve, and Jane]

[After depositing Coulson at the infirmary, Loki retrieves the man's journal from the pocket in space in which he placed it.

...there are possibilities for this to become very amusing, depending upon how he plays it.

He opens Coulson's journal and sets up a written message to go to Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers and Jane Foster. He keeps it simple and with ample room for misinterpretation.]

I have delivered the Son of Coul to the clinic at the Battle Dome if you wish to retrieve him.


[He closes the journal and leaves it sitting on the counter of the clinic for someone else to find. That ought to stir up a nice little nest of hornets. Feeling quite cheery, Loki departs to go for a ride. No need to make it easy on anyone if they decide to try to murder him.]

((ooc note for Katsu: If you want to have an intervention talk with Loki because he's a giant troll of his actions in this post let Katsu know on Plurk or something and a post may be forthcoming!

Coulson may or may not reply to people replying to Loki's note. I haven't decided yet.))
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[Loki smiles.] You seem to be making an unfortunate habit of that.
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[Dryly:] Certainly headed in that direction.

[He smells the blood, doesn't even have to see it. One eyebrow curves up.] You don't really seem to need my help in that regard.
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You smell of blood. [Don't try to lie to a liar. It doesn't work.]

I don't believe that's normal for mortal colds. You ought to get that looked at.

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[Something inside him freezes when he sees the note, fear and anger pooling in his stomach. Loki. And Coulson was hurt.

What had he done?]


[He's not sure if she's in the apartment, but he'll head upstairs if she doesn't answer.

He tamps down on his impulse to bolt, to find Loki and demand answers. That can wait. He has to see what condition Coulson is in.

And why would Loki take Coulson to the clinic if he had tried to kill him? Why leave a note? Why warn them and leave so much evidence if he had tried to kill him?]
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[She'd seen the note a moment before he had and was in his rooms a heartbeat later, her face pale and strained, her own journal clutched in her hand. She tossed a jacket to him with her other, her lips pressed into a thin line.]

Come on. Let's go.
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[He catches the jacket easily, shrugging it on and he should have known that she'd see the note quickly. She looks pale and it's good to know it isn't just him.]

Don't have to tell me twice.

[They don't talk much as they head up to the Battle Dome, too focused on getting there and finding out how bad it is.]
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I didn't think I'd need to.

[Their pace is hurried but it doesn't take them long to reach the Battle Dome. She follows him then, because she hasn't come across the Infirmary before this and she's already preparing for what they might find there, just in case. Her form is tense, her eyes taking in everything, although only someone looking for it will notice that she's walking into the room ready for battle.]
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[He heads straight to the infirmary, finding the room that Coulson's been sequestered in. He pauses outside for a moment, dreading what he's going to find, dreading what he might have to do, and then opens the door.

...white sheets, white walls, disturbingly pale Coulson and no blood. None.

Content that the room is safe, he turns his full attention to Coulson.]

The hell happened?

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[Since there are so many things to do and so little time to do them Loki has not really had a chance to properly talk to that new guy that came to live on floor five.

Still, his coughs are rather hard to miss and when Loki does see him one morning he frowns at the man.]

Phil Coulson, this conversation can go two most exciting ways...

[Loki taps his fingers against eachother.]

One will be me entrusting you with my great concern that will result in you visiting a medical facility. The second one will be me entrusting you with my great frustration since your coughing keeps me awake. That one will also result in you visiting a medical facility.

[He nods and looks quite tired as well, actually.]
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I shall accept these apologies.

[Phil's coughs have been rather muffled, but Loki likes to exaggerate things a bit and lie about it as well.]

Well, you rather look like something people could worry about.
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[Loki crosses his arms and looks at the other for a while, finally he shakes his head.]

Phil Coulson of Midgard, you are a most terrible liar. Yet, I shall not interfere. After all, it is merely a bad cold.

[Really? He looks far worse than someone only having a bad cold.]


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[Absolutely oblivious (for now) of the nest of hornets one God of Lies has stirred up, Law goes to see his newest patient. The journal lies undisturbed - Law has more pressing things to do than snatch the book up to nose around.

He'll have ample opportunity to be nosy later, as is his wont. Right now he raps on the door of the room Coulson is in. He has an examination to do.]
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[Hey there, teammate from the last mission. Law remembers your name. Grabbing a chart as he begins a general inspection.

... whelp. He knows which exam he's going to be performing.]

Hello, Mister Coulson. I'm Trafalgar Law, and I'm going to be your attending physician today. Can I get you to hop up on the examination bed and take off your shirt? I'm going to be giving you a respiratory exam if that's alright with you.
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Please make yourself comfortable and let me know if anything during this causes you pain. I'm just going to step back a moment to observe your breathing.

[Yes, Law's eyes immediately go to that scar and examine it clinically. Recent. Ugly. Potentially fatal. Possibly hiding damage that would impair lung function.]

So how long have you had that cough?
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[Although this message is written and nothing like what he broadcasted the last time Loki left one of them in need of medical care, Pepper of course immediately thinks back to it anyway. Clint bound and bleeding, helpless at the foot of the fountain. And now Phil's in the clinic, because Loki took him there.

But why?

There's too many reasons Pepper can name, each with causes that are impossible to discern. But she tries to figure them out as she walks anyway--why is Phil in the clinic, why is Loki the one telling them--her mind working faster than her legs can move. And when she finally, finally gets there, Pepper's barely in the door before she starts talking.]

What happened? Are you okay?
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[Yes Phil, you should have. Or even better, he should have prevented this by taking better care of himself. For Phil to end up in the clinic is bad, and any relief Pepper might feel at hearing he's not injured is negated by the sound of his voice, and the knowledge that something is still very wrong.]

Pneumonia?! Phil, how did you get pneumonia? You told me you had a cold!

[Oh but she is not happy at this news. She glances around the room, then moves to pour Phil a glass of water. Never mind what they have him hooked up to already; with a voice that raw, his throat has to hurt.]

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[Funny thing about that? Pepper gets mad like this when Tony does something unbelievably foolish. Stupid, even. And since that level of anger is being directed at Phil now, there's a pretty obvious conclusion to be reached.]

Because you didn't take care of yourself. [Okay, so maybe the apology makes her ease off a little. But Phil still deserves a lecture.]

Phil, what were you thinking? [She sighs, then leaves his bedside long enough to drag a chair over. She's not going anywhere for awhile.]

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