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Debrief 003 | Action (Locked)/ Written | Operation Swooning Maiden is Go

[Phil knew he was sick. There really was no getting around it, not with all the coughing he was doing. While he had felt off since he'd come back to Luceti it was during the scavenger event and his unplanned trip to the Ice Age area that he'd really started to notice the coughing. And the shortness of breath.

Some of it he attributed to his recently healed chest wound. After all, no matter how mysteriously well healed it was, it was still a change from his previous state of health. That means it takes getting used to.

As the days passed however he hadn't really been getting better. The coughing had been mild in the beginning, a cough here and there when the cold air tickled his lungs. But lately it had gotten worse, harsh and heavy from deep in his lungs. While trying not to worry anyone he'd been focusing on suppressing the coughs as much as possible, or simply avoiding his friends when he felt the thick feeling building inside his lungs.

Nighttime was the worst though. Coulson had been coughing into his pillows as to not disturb either Clint or Natasha so late, curled up on his bed to ease the pressure and pain in his chest. It was exhausting, leaving him tired and weak the next day, almost listless first thing in the morning.

Phil had been brushing off other's concerns saying it was just a cold, he was only a bit under the weather, yes he was taking medicine he'd be fine. Phil hadn't made it to the clinic yet though, even as the coughing had gotten worse and the nausea started. But when he woke up today, tired, aching, nauseous and the phlegm from his cough tinged with blood, well, he decided to make visiting the clinic his first priority.

Before things got worse.]

[The Action | Locked to Loki]

[After dodging one concerned-but-unsure-what-to-do archer and another too-observational-for-Phil's-comfort assassin Phil heads out to the nearest clinic. Even with three layers of clothing on (thermal undershirt, sweater, jacket) plus thick jeans, scarf and gloves the cold still seeps into Phil's skin and lungs.

Phil follows the lesser traveled paths and shortcuts and he heads to the clinic. They allow him the privacy to stop and cough at irregular intervals, and trees to rest briefly against when the chest pain and weakness get too much.

While usually quite aware of his surroundings the growing nausea, shortness of breath, and pain in his chest means he's a bit distracted at the moment. It is such distraction which does not make him aware of the other person until he bumps into the other man.]

Oh. Sorry I didn't see you... [Phil's hoarse voice trails off as the person who he bumped into finally registers in his brain.


Well, hell.]


[Post-Action Response | Written | Filtered to Clint, Natasha, Pepper, Steve, and Jane]

[After depositing Coulson at the infirmary, Loki retrieves the man's journal from the pocket in space in which he placed it.

...there are possibilities for this to become very amusing, depending upon how he plays it.

He opens Coulson's journal and sets up a written message to go to Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers and Jane Foster. He keeps it simple and with ample room for misinterpretation.]

I have delivered the Son of Coul to the clinic at the Battle Dome if you wish to retrieve him.


[He closes the journal and leaves it sitting on the counter of the clinic for someone else to find. That ought to stir up a nice little nest of hornets. Feeling quite cheery, Loki departs to go for a ride. No need to make it easy on anyone if they decide to try to murder him.]

((ooc note for Katsu: If you want to have an intervention talk with Loki because he's a giant troll of his actions in this post let Katsu know on Plurk or something and a post may be forthcoming!

Coulson may or may not reply to people replying to Loki's note. I haven't decided yet.))

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