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Debrief 004 | Action/Accidental Voice & Written | Tis the season | Backdated to the 19th

Action/Accidental Voice

[It was only a few days since Phil had returned to CH5, Floor 5 and the apartment. Still sick, but getting better and very glad to be back in the apartment. It took some convincing of his two agents but finally he had convinced them that he could sleep in his own room instead of the couch. The condition being that he didn't move to the couch without someone there to help if needed. The coughing had shown the most noticeable improvement but the weakness in his muscles was lingering as well as the shortness of breath.

So, finally back to his own home and own space the last thing he expected when he woke up that morning was to find that someone was in the room with him. Especially a someone who was small enough to sit on his bedside table and was staring at him.

Phil jolted against the pillows he was sleeping against and gave a strangle shout turned coughing fit. Not a nice surprise.]

What the-?!

[Oh damn. That was kind of loud. ...That was definitely going to get certain people's attention.

And now the elf was talking to him. Something about Santa, gifts, naughty and nice, tasks. ...This must be some sort of event thing.

And his journal was open. What the hell?]


[After the fiasco of the morning, Phil was slowly getting used to the elf. He had moved to the couch of the Apartment and the elf had followed along. Of course it's first request was to decorate the apartment. After a calm discussion with the elf, explaining his sickness, it got changed to simply make decorations for the apartment and others. Then there were suddenly craft items everywhere. Apparently he was to make a lot of decorations. Oh well, it was better than doing nothing.

If you come and visit him, you will find Phil busy making all sorts of handmade decorations, the elf cheerfully sitting on a table near his head.]


I have spent a good part of the day making Christmas decorations.
Does anyone need or want some decorations? I'd deliver them myself, but I'm not very well.
Just let me know and we'll figure out how to get them to you.
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[Clint is a light sleeper at the best of times and with Coulson still in bad shape, he's been on edge, constantly aware of any unusual noises that might suggest a problem.

That strangled shout was definitely included in that category.

He's awake in a second, grabbing the gun from the side of the bed and rushing into the room in only his boxers. He looks around, gun settling on the...]

The hell is that thing?
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[Action] Whoops

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[He's about to answer, because of course it looks like an elf, he's not blind but... the hell is that thing doing in Coulson's bedroom or in the building in general for that matter?

And then it speaks and it's all that Clint can do to keep from shooting it in irritation.]

Do you think shooting it will put me on the naughty list boss?

[And more importantly, does he care?]
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[Clint stares back at it, raising an eyebrow and taking aim.]

I'm not a very nice person. Move away from Coulson.


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[Spock, keeping his journal open at all times now, considering his blind state, heard the exclamation...]

Are you well?
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Re: Voice

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I see. [He literally doesn't actually.... but he wasn't concerned about that.]

May I inquire as to your name?
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Re: Voice

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It is well to make your acquaintance Mister Coulson, I am Spock.

Re: Voice

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Re: Voice

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Re: Voice

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~not a worry m'dear~ ^_^

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Re: Voice

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Re: Voice

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[Now and then since he came back ill Ben's poked his head into his neighbor's apartment with a cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe a book he'd though Phil would find interesting, or just to sit and talk for a bit if he felt up to it. Today was a coffee morning- and he was a little surprised by all the craft things lying around the room.]

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And gingerbread. Not the stiff kind they use t'make the houses but the actual bread...cake. Thing.

[The star got a quick, appreciative glance somewhere in the middle of Ben's confused examination of Phil's living room.]

Bored enough t'go Martha Stewart on us, huh?


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[Action, Later in the morning]

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[Natasha missed the commotion early in the day because she's already been out and about. The elf-thing is still unknown to her, as she'd spent most of the morning in the Battle Dome and was detouring to check on Coulson before heading back to her apartment.

She wanders in with a bemused smile on her face.]
Moving on from origami, are we?

[The creepy looking elf is a hard thing to miss, considering it's perched near his head. She arches an eyebrow, casting it a skeptical look.]

Let me guess. That's from Clint.
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Re: [Action, Later in the morning]

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[There's a broken-off curse and a dagger in her hand between one heartbeat and the next, her alarmed gaze on the elf by Coulson's head. Her fingers had twitched, the blade almost sent flying to impale the thing, and it was only Coulson's calm composure that stayed her hand. Her handler wasn't surprised at all and that alone held her restraint in check.]

What the hell is that thing?
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You're seriously doing what that little freak is telling you to?

[There might be an elf trapped in a closet at Raylene's place. And it might be shouting abuse from under the coats and scarves it's burrowed into.]
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[Hermes has seen the writing, indeed he has, and he has also seen that the house is just not shiny enough. Off he goes, in his endless quest to acquire free stuff. The tentacle booties are working surprisingly well, given that they're basically sled dog booties held on with rubber bands, and his oversized hat keeps most of the rest of him warm. It's not fun, but it's not frostbite either.

Hermes squishes into the room a few hours after reading the notices, a crumpled up bag curled in one of the tentacles he's not using to walk.]

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Making? Why are you making decorations, the store has plenty of them.
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Those elves sound like trouble. [Glad he got out of this one.] Did you make anything interesting?