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Debrief 005 | [Action] | Spock and Phil's Excellent Adventure | Backadated to the 2nd

[Well, that had been an eventful time. Phil isn't quite sure he likes the Malnosso so much. Not that he had any real affection for them before this adventure.
Shaking his head he sits up and looks around. Everything is huge and unfamiliar. He blinks, looking around curiously. So, he's inside someone's room, but not one he is familiar with. Well, that leaves a lot of possibilities.

He gets up onto all fours, and start to walk, searching for something familiar. It is a moment before that fact fully registers. When Phil does realize he's walking on all fours he pauses before looking down.
Black paws greet him and he wants to be surprised, but in remembering what happened, he isn't. Phil cranes his head and catches sight of a long black tail twitching. So, he's a cat.
He has to see this for himself. A quick search turns up a mirror up on a wall above a dresser, which he reaches with effortless jumping. Once able to see himself his ears go back and his tail switches.]

A kitten?

[He had been expecting the cat part, but taking in the dainty, slightly unfinished features and small stature Phil realizes he is, in fact, a young cat not a fully grown cat.

His coat is a solid black, short-haired and sleek. Gold-green eyes peer at the mirror cat curiously. A flutter from over his shoulder attracts Phils attention then. It appears his wings are still there. The movement of his wings seems to have moved something... A small tag tied around his neck with thin string falls in to the front. It seems unadorned, but he bats at it for a moment, intrigued by its movement before realizing what he was doing. His playing revealed writing on one side, but it had come to rest text side down again. Phil gives a small huff before looking at himself in the mirror again.]

I look like Salem with wings...

[And isn't that just a lovely thought? But first things first he needs to get back to his agents. Now where is the owner of this room. Phil is thinking on that when he spots the figure on the bed behind him. Whoops, hadn't seen them before...

They appear to be sleeping. How to get their attention... Well, maybe he'll just call out. Hopefully, whoever they are, they aren't a heavy sleeper. ...And hopefully their first instinct isn't to attack either.]

Excuse me?

[Spock blinks awake at the sound...

It seems he can see again, that is most satisfactory. Spock looks around for the source of the sound... and his eyes land on a black kitten...

... His head tilts in curiosity... He had recognized that voice. The Vulcan lifts himself from the bed and approaches the tiny cat.]

May I help you?

[Oh good. At least the other man had woken up pretty much right away. Made things simpler-wait. That was a familiar voice and face. Phil rack his memory for a moment before recalling the name.]

Ah, yes. Mr. Spock, right? I'm... Well, I am Phil Coulson. We talked over the journals a bit.

[Phil's tail curls around his paws.]

I've just returned from ...enjoying the company of the Malnosso. They turned me into ...this. I would like to get home, but I have no idea where I am, nor can I leave this room.

[Because the door is shut. And he's a cat. With paws and no thumbs. Doors? Doors are kinda beyond him at the moment.]

Would you help me?

[Spock listens intently... ] Of course I will assist you Mister Coulson.. [Spock's eyes are drawn to the collar around the kitten's... Phil's neck. And since Spock is rather fond of cats, he simply reaches out to examine the tag....and turns it around.

There is an address.]
If this is where you live, I will take you there. [Spock goes to his closet to start gathering his winter gear...]

[Spock's almost immediate agreement to help Phil is a relief. His tail uncurls from around his paws and lays flat, the very tip twitching around.]

Thank you.

[Of course, Spock reaching for the tag surprises Phil slightly, and his ears twitch backwards before returning to a relaxed state. He let's the other man examine the tag, mildly distracted by Spock's fingers. It feels nice where they brush against the fur on his neck.

...Being a cat is weird, Phil decides, shaking that mildly disquieting thought from his head.]

If it's Community House 5, floor 5, then yes it should be my address.

[He watches curiously as Spock starts to gather his winter clothing. The movement of the clothing is distracting... He crouches down, watch the movement carefully, tail swishing in interest.]

[Spock finishes by innocently tying his boots....]

[The movement of the laces is the most distracting. Before Phil can think about it (rationally) he's off the dresser and attacking Spock's boots. Of course he realizes what he's doing pretty much right away and immediately backs off, ear's flicking sideways, tail lashing.]


[It appears there were more downsides to being a cat than being small and unable to open doors. Wonderful.]

[Spock gives Phil a subtle look of amusement and scoops up the little kitten in his gloved hands and into the cradle of his arms... and out the door.

Spock did say he was fond of cats...]

[Phil is startled by Spock's picking him up. He wasn't sure what he was expecting Spock to do, maybe just open the door an accompany him, but being carried wasn't on the list. It probably should have been though, all factors considered. However, once the initial surprise has worn off, Phil settles into the hold, looking around curiously from his new vantage point.]

[Action in the Village]

[Departing from House 2, the duo trek on towards Community House 5. It is quite the long walk, but at least it's not snowing, though the weather is gray and overcast. The shortest route takes them by the plaza and past Good Spirits, Seventh Heaven, the Clinic, the Item Shop, the Welcome center, and by the side of Community House 4. If your character is out and about this rather gloomy morning, you may see the curious sight of Spock holding a small black kitten. Might as well ask what's going on, or maybe you just want to pet the kitten. It is rather cute after all.

Later still

After walking through the village, Spock and Phil finally arrive at Community House Five. Residents of floor five, are you ready for Coulson's return in the arms of Spock? Though not in a form any will recognize...]


Anyways, Coulson has returned from his mallynap. As a small black kitten. Yup. He'll remain so for about a week and a half. So enjoy the kitten SHIELD agent while you can.

Oh and, if residents of House two want to get in on the action, feel free to run into Spock and Phil before they leave the house.))
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[The luggage wasn't unpacked yet, left in a pile near the door of Clint's apartment. They had spent the previous day at the hot springs, recovering from the aches and pains of their hiking trip, and had only just returned.

The trip had had its intended effect though, leaving the two of them exhausted and aching and unable to think of much beyond the cups of coffee that they were holding, curled up together on the couch.]
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[Spock, kitten Coulson in his arms, arrives at Phil's apartment...

... and knocks on the door.
While he waits, he absently scratches the kitten under the chin....]
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[That's not a tread she recognizes, so Natasha is straightening out of instinctual habit a moment before the quiet knock on the door. Her gaze flicks sideways to Clint, an eyebrow arched in silent inquiry if he was expecting anyone so soon after their return.]


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[Red's just heading to work at Seventh Heaven in the morning, riding his robot and companion Dahak. It's not the best of weather, so he's trying not to stay outside for long, but he'll need to cover the robot before he heads inside. He's just hopping out of the cockpit when he sees it - a cat. Not a Felineko cat-person, just a normal cat.]

[There's no way Red could have prepared enough for this moment. He just stares, taking way more time than he should to notice that someone's holding the cat.]

Oh, uh - h-hi, Spock! Good seein' you around again. Didn't know you had a... pet.

[This is ten kinds of weird.]
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[Spock notices Red's... discomfort...]

Greetings Mister Savarin, it is good to see you as well.

[Spock looks at the kitten in his arms... who is probably giving Red an unimpressed look...]

I do not. Do you want to introduce yourself, or shall I?
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[Okay, at least it's not a normal cat. Still, it's freaking him out a little bit.]

Er, hello, Phil. My name's Red.

[Oh god, what do you even do in this situation? Well, it'd be rude to not do something, so Red warily holds out a hand for cat-Coulson to... try to shake.]

Boy, those Malnosso really like messin' with people here. Maybe they'd turn me into a... a small human or somethin', ha ha.


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[As he walks through the village following his morning run, he gives Spock a nod.... only to realize that he's carrying a cat.]

"Do you think it wise to have that animal out in this weather? It seems rather cold."

[First one that makes a comment about "unseasonably cool" gets dangled upside-down with the Force.]
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Negative... I have calculated that the physical distance between Mister Coulson and myself, while factoring in my own body heat and time that it takes to get to our destination... that it is reasonable for an animal of his size...

[Spock gives Obi-wan an amused look... That's right, he can see again...

Then Spock looks down to address the kitten....]

Are you in anyway experiencing discomfort due to the low ambient temperature Mister Coulson?
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[Well, he really should have been paying better attention.

"... Apologies, Agent Coulson. I didn't realize that was you."

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[Syre's around the Item Shop that morning, looking for new linens and curtains so that she can wash the ones that had been hanging up all of December. When she exits the shop, she notices Spock... and his feline companion.]

[So, with her decorating things all packed away in her bag, she jogs on over to him, falling in stride with the Vulcan as he walks.]

Good morning!
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[Spock stops and bows his head to Syre..]

Greetings Lady Syre, I hope you are well on this morning. [Spock looks pointedly at the kitten secured safely in his arms... ]

I am on my way to return Mister Coulson to his place of residence...
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I am well, thank you. [She then glances down at little kitty Coulson for a moment.]

Coulson, hm? It is an interesting name for a cat. And his wings are rather cute.


[Syre is silent a while, the gears in her head turning, trying to figure out why a cat, of all things, had wings...]

[None of the other animals in the enclosure had wings, not as far as Syre could remember. That had to mean that this cat--]

Say, Spock. Mister Coulson is not normally a cat, is he? [She looks down again, her brow raised.]

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[Oh, he sees it all right. He was sure it would send most women tittering and flittering, but him... well, he's just sort of line facing or making a face of 'uh'?

He walks up to Spock and pauses, looking at the kitten and up at Spock, down at the kitten again and back up at him.]

So... did we suddenly adopt a child while I wasn't paying attention? Cause if we did the litter box is going in your room.
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Greetings Captain. It is good to... see you. [And was that a smirk? I do believe it was, because Spock now has his sight.]

We did not adopt a child, nor did we adopt a kitten... and even if we did the litter box would most certainly not be going in my room..

I am merely assisting Mister Coulson back to his place of residence.

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[Rogue had left on a mission the previous day, and Kurt was strongarmed into watching over the item shop in her absence. It was pretty boring stuff, and he kept on dozing off at the counter.

And now he's wondering if he's starting to doze off again and have some weird dream. One where Spock is walking around with a kitten. He's just going to blink at them, dazed in his half-awake state, as he tries to process the sight.]
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[Spock doesn't notice Kurt as he walks by the shop... but he does stop and appears to address the small black kitten in his arms...]

Mister Coulson, since we are walking by, do you need anything at these places?

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[action] hope late is okay?

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[Passing by Community Housing 4 puts Spock and his passenger on the same path as Pepper that morning. She smiles when she sees the Vulcan, raising a hand in greeting.]

Good morning, Mr. Spock. [As she gets closer, Pepper spies the kitten he carries, which definitely makes for an unexpected, adorable sight.] Out for a walk?
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late is beautiful m'dear~

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[Spock looks up to see Miss Potts....]

Greetings Miss Potts...

Not precisely. I am returning Mister Coulson to his place of residence.

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