somethingtoavenge: WHY is he smiling? (and now the world explodes)
[Coulson appears in the video feed looking unusual cheerful. Of course, if you have been current with the happening of his life you will immediately notice the fact he is human once again.]

Never have I need so glad for opposable thumbs. Never thought I'd miss having opposable thumbs actually. Learn something new everyday... Oh and colors. Nice to see in color again.

[But that isn't the main reason for this. Coulson clears his throat before fiddling with a filter.]

[99.9% Filtered away from Clint Barton]
Does anyone know where I might acquire a large amount of aluminum foil in a short amount of time? I am unsure if the grocery store would have enough for what I need it for and if there is anywhere else I could get some. Or if people would be willing to lend me some.
[End Filter]