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[Coulson appears in the video feed looking unusual cheerful. Of course, if you have been current with the happening of his life you will immediately notice the fact he is human once again.]

Never have I need so glad for opposable thumbs. Never thought I'd miss having opposable thumbs actually. Learn something new everyday... Oh and colors. Nice to see in color again.

[But that isn't the main reason for this. Coulson clears his throat before fiddling with a filter.]

[99.9% Filtered away from Clint Barton]
Does anyone know where I might acquire a large amount of aluminum foil in a short amount of time? I am unsure if the grocery store would have enough for what I need it for and if there is anywhere else I could get some. Or if people would be willing to lend me some.
[End Filter]
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Action with Spock )

[Action in the Village]

[Departing from House 2, the duo trek on towards Community House 5. It is quite the long walk, but at least it's not snowing, though the weather is gray and overcast. The shortest route takes them by the plaza and past Good Spirits, Seventh Heaven, the Clinic, the Item Shop, the Welcome center, and by the side of Community House 4. If your character is out and about this rather gloomy morning, you may see the curious sight of Spock holding a small black kitten. Might as well ask what's going on, or maybe you just want to pet the kitten. It is rather cute after all.

Later still

After walking through the village, Spock and Phil finally arrive at Community House Five. Residents of floor five, are you ready for Coulson's return in the arms of Spock? Though not in a form any will recognize...]


Anyways, Coulson has returned from his mallynap. As a small black kitten. Yup. He'll remain so for about a week and a half. So enjoy the kitten SHIELD agent while you can.

Oh and, if residents of House two want to get in on the action, feel free to run into Spock and Phil before they leave the house.))
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Action/Accidental Voice

[It was only a few days since Phil had returned to CH5, Floor 5 and the apartment. Still sick, but getting better and very glad to be back in the apartment. It took some convincing of his two agents but finally he had convinced them that he could sleep in his own room instead of the couch. The condition being that he didn't move to the couch without someone there to help if needed. The coughing had shown the most noticeable improvement but the weakness in his muscles was lingering as well as the shortness of breath.

So, finally back to his own home and own space the last thing he expected when he woke up that morning was to find that someone was in the room with him. Especially a someone who was small enough to sit on his bedside table and was staring at him.

Phil jolted against the pillows he was sleeping against and gave a strangle shout turned coughing fit. Not a nice surprise.]

What the-?!

[Oh damn. That was kind of loud. ...That was definitely going to get certain people's attention.

And now the elf was talking to him. Something about Santa, gifts, naughty and nice, tasks. ...This must be some sort of event thing.

And his journal was open. What the hell?]


[After the fiasco of the morning, Phil was slowly getting used to the elf. He had moved to the couch of the Apartment and the elf had followed along. Of course it's first request was to decorate the apartment. After a calm discussion with the elf, explaining his sickness, it got changed to simply make decorations for the apartment and others. Then there were suddenly craft items everywhere. Apparently he was to make a lot of decorations. Oh well, it was better than doing nothing.

If you come and visit him, you will find Phil busy making all sorts of handmade decorations, the elf cheerfully sitting on a table near his head.]


I have spent a good part of the day making Christmas decorations.
Does anyone need or want some decorations? I'd deliver them myself, but I'm not very well.
Just let me know and we'll figure out how to get them to you.
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The Set-up )

[The Action | Locked to Loki]

[After dodging one concerned-but-unsure-what-to-do archer and another too-observational-for-Phil's-comfort assassin Phil heads out to the nearest clinic. Even with three layers of clothing on (thermal undershirt, sweater, jacket) plus thick jeans, scarf and gloves the cold still seeps into Phil's skin and lungs.

Phil follows the lesser traveled paths and shortcuts and he heads to the clinic. They allow him the privacy to stop and cough at irregular intervals, and trees to rest briefly against when the chest pain and weakness get too much.

While usually quite aware of his surroundings the growing nausea, shortness of breath, and pain in his chest means he's a bit distracted at the moment. It is such distraction which does not make him aware of the other person until he bumps into the other man.]

Oh. Sorry I didn't see you... [Phil's hoarse voice trails off as the person who he bumped into finally registers in his brain.


Well, hell.]


[Post-Action Response | Written | Filtered to Clint, Natasha, Pepper, Steve, and Jane]

[After depositing Coulson at the infirmary, Loki retrieves the man's journal from the pocket in space in which he placed it.

...there are possibilities for this to become very amusing, depending upon how he plays it.

He opens Coulson's journal and sets up a written message to go to Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers and Jane Foster. He keeps it simple and with ample room for misinterpretation.]

I have delivered the Son of Coul to the clinic at the Battle Dome if you wish to retrieve him.


[He closes the journal and leaves it sitting on the counter of the clinic for someone else to find. That ought to stir up a nice little nest of hornets. Feeling quite cheery, Loki departs to go for a ride. No need to make it easy on anyone if they decide to try to murder him.]

((ooc note for Katsu: If you want to have an intervention talk with Loki because he's a giant troll of his actions in this post let Katsu know on Plurk or something and a post may be forthcoming!

Coulson may or may not reply to people replying to Loki's note. I haven't decided yet.))
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[Waking up to everything being changed is always... disturbing. Especially if it's what you are wearing and sleeping on.

Phil sits up from where he's now laying on a futon and looks around, mildly perplexed until he remembers the earlier announcement. He cradles his head with a groan then slides out of the futon to see if there is something other than this lightweight sleep robe to wear.

Well. There's a few things.

Phil immediately dismisses the Samurai armor as a possible choice. The next outfit is... oh someone is playing a cosmic joke. It's a set of ninja wear. Phil purses his lips as he stares at them before shaking his head. Growing exasperated and a bit chill in the thin robe he grabs the next outfit and pulls it out. It's a set of Monks robes.

...Certainly better than the other options. Phil changes into the robes which are surprisingly comfortable and heads out to see what exactly has happened.

The Shogunate area is interesting, and it seems the new 'citizens' of the area are respecting the robes. He's not had much trouble.

Perhaps he'll explore some more...]

Day one
[Starting off in Shogunate area, Phil ends up wandering into the Ice Age. Even though his outfit is relatively warm, the cold still sinks into his chest. You may find him walking through the snow and muttering or coughing as his lungs protest the cold air he is now breathing.

Since the Ice age is unpleasant for the man, Phil heads for a different area.

From Cold to heat, the next area he finds if the Nile. The furs from earlier morph into a ancient scribes outfit, meaning his scars are in plain sight. While the heat feel better than the gripping cold of before it's still rather unpleasant. At least it' a dry heat. Trudging through the sand and admiring the pyramids from a distance is how Phil spends his time in the Nile. However he'd like to get back home sooner rather than later. The Ice Age is a no go area so he heads back by another route and another area.

In Gangland Phil finds his clothes have changed close to what he normally wears, minus the suit jacket and plus a waistcoat and a fedora. All in shades of charcoal. While the clothes are a nice change from the earlier areas, the area itself is more dangerous. Still it seems simple enough to avoid antagonizing anything.

Finally he makes it back to the Shogunate and the simple monk robes. The day has been surprisingly draining.]

Days 2-Event End
[Phil kicks back and relaxes in the Shogunate area. He's not adverse to helping anyone who scavenging in the area but is not actively participating in the hunt himself.

You may notice he's coughing a bit, but if you bring it up he waves it off as a light cold from his earlier escapade in the ice age. It sounds plausible...]

((ooc; Run into him wherever on the first day but he's firmly sticking to the Shogunate area for days 2-4))
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The Action )

[After getting clothes and after whatever adventures happen while he was getting clothing, Coulson puts together a first new post to the Luceti community.]

Greetings Luceti.

My name is Phil Coulson. I have been here before a few months back before... leaving and it seems I have returned.

As far as I know I don't have any unfinished business from before, but If I did have some with you please remind me.

I have probably missed a lot, but is there anyone whose willing to give me a brief summary of things I've missed? I'd be grateful.

[Small pause.]

I think that's all... No wait, Rogue, do you still need help at the item shop? Sorry for leaving you in the lurch.
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[It's a normal day for Coulson. He's gotten used to Luceti (mostly) and has started to build a schedule for himself. Or at least a vague list of things to get done before starting shift at the Item shop.

After morning tasks such as Coffee, shower, breakfast, coffee, clothing, Journal checking and coffee he leaves his apartment. You might see him walking through out Luceti as he does a circuit of the whole village, mostly on the roads, but sometimes going off into the trees. He greets everyone he meets, mostly with a 'Hello' or a 'Good Morning/Day', even if he's never met you before today.

Done with his daily patrol walk through the whole village he heads towards the Plaza, visiting the grocery store for food and coffee. You can see him debating the pros and cons of certain food items in the aisle. After grocery shopping he heads home to drop things off, eating something (maybe), and check his journal.

Today he decides to visit the library. With the lack of tablets and wi-fi, Coulson has to fall back to paper books to read. He browses the shelves looking for something fiction which he can loose himself to for a few hours.

Soon enough he heads to the Item shop, taking he shift after Rogue's. He's gotten used to working there and has made a decent dent on making inventory. That is what he continues to do as he starts his shift, other than helping anyone who comes in looking for something.

Coulson's been thinking about the stash of personal items at the items shop. There is a decent amount of things, some not having been picked up. Looking over everything, Coulson picks up his journal and starts a voice entry.]

Hello Luceti.

This is Phil Coulson. I am working at the item shop right now and was looking over the collection of possibly personal items we have accrued.

I hope to return said items to their owners sooner rather than later. In light of that, if you have an item of personal or sentimental value which you haven't found yet and are interested in knowing if it is here, please come by or give a description. I can tell you if there is anything like that here.

Do keep in mind the inventory is not complete, so I may not have found your item yet. If I find it later I'll let you know.

That's all.

Good day.

((ooc; So, run into Coulson on his daily life. It'll be fun.

You decide if the item your character is inquiring about is there, there but hasn't been inventoried, or not there.))
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[The first thing anyone will notice is that Coulson's handwriting looks disturbingly like printed type which means it is very neat and very very easy to read.]

Greetings to residents of Luceti. My name is Phil Coulson. I have recently arrived here, and was wondering if anyone could answer my questions.

1. What do the wings do?
2. Where is Luceti?
3. Are there places the newly arrived may stay?
4. Where may I procure a sewing kit? Or new Clothes?
5. Anyone know good ways of getting blood out of clothing?
6. Is there anyone here who knows of SHIELD, The Avengers Initiative, or knows me?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

[Yes, that was strangely polite for a New Feather. That's Coulson all over.]
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