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Debrief 006 | Video | Back to Normal | Backdated to Jan. 16th

[Coulson appears in the video feed looking unusual cheerful. Of course, if you have been current with the happening of his life you will immediately notice the fact he is human once again.]

Never have I need so glad for opposable thumbs. Never thought I'd miss having opposable thumbs actually. Learn something new everyday... Oh and colors. Nice to see in color again.

[But that isn't the main reason for this. Coulson clears his throat before fiddling with a filter.]

[99.9% Filtered away from Clint Barton]
Does anyone know where I might acquire a large amount of aluminum foil in a short amount of time? I am unsure if the grocery store would have enough for what I need it for and if there is anywhere else I could get some. Or if people would be willing to lend me some.
[End Filter]
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Welcome back, sir.

[99.9% Filtered to Coulson]
Plotting something, Coulson?
[End Filter]
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Re: [Video] [99.9% Filtered]

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You got it, boss. Anything you like.

...Except for the paperwork part.
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Video; hope this is cool

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[Sorry, Phil. This kid doesn't know you and he never saw you as a cat. But maybe that's a good thing. But he's going to look confused at this.]

When did you lose your thumbs? Or wait, is that too personal?

I could see missing opposable thumbs though. But I don't think people can lose them...unless they're cut off. Someone didn't cut them off did they?
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video; yay~

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[He's probably seen him hanging upside down in trees or probably going to the battledome on occasions.]

Oh, good.

[He's had the occasional annoying people with his questions so yeah...

Wait did he just say he as a cat?]

You were...a cat? Uh...well, I guess anything's possible?


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Re: Video

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[filtered from Clint/voice]

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Do you need that for acts of mischief, Phil Coulson?
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[filtered from Clint/voice]

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I can provide you with some but you have to let me in on your little secret.

[video/filtered from Clint]

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video / filter

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...It appears I missed more than I thought in my time away.

What do you have in mind for the foil?
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Re: video / filter

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A month, if the others are correct.

[Pranks? Really? Well...not as if there is anything else here to do.]

Exactly how large of an amount are you looking for, then?

video / filter

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Interesting filter. I might be able to help you. But...why?

[Her eyes gleam with mischief]
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Oh he deserves it. I think he could use a bit of cheering up.

What do you have in mind?


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Mister Coulson... it is good to see you well.
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Re: [Video]

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[Spock hesitated for a moment... though he had made amends with Clint, he still felt he needed to explain himself.]

I must apologize for my behaviour Mister Coulson... Your agents have been very gracious despite my unforgivable misunderstanding. [The dinner that he had attended with the entirety of Floor Five had gone a long way to repair hostilities... but the damage had been done.]
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[Filtered 99.99%]

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[Lupin took a moment to boost that filter just a tiny bit to add to Barton's torment. He hasn't forgiven the man for that arrow through his coat-- any bit of teasing is more than welcome.]

Oh ho~

What will we be needing aluminum foil for?
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[Filtered 99.99%]

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Haven't done that for a long time

[He already loved the idea.]

Actually, your...'target' owes me a dance. Do you need a distraction?

[Filtered 99.99%]

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[Filtered 99.99%]

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[You know what, neighborman? Robin actually likes you. You keep the upstairs guys in line. And so, sometime before sunup tomorrow morning, there'll be three crates of aluminum foil outside apartment 24. Don't ask where it came from. It's just there. No questions asked.

He hopes you shove some of it down Billy's throat. That guy needs to talk less.]


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"It is good to see you returned to your normal form, Agent."

[Filtered 99.9% away from Clint Barton.]

"Does one dare ask what precisely you need with so much aluminum foil?"


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